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Bill Morrison | Switzerland

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Sandler Training is the world’s leading sales and management training organisation.

dedicated to your success

Meet Our Team

We are a Swiss based team dedicated to bringing world class best practice to bear in helping our clients achieve the growth they deserve. We are delighted to be working within the Swiss business community and this has been one of the fastest growing regions that Sandler has ever entered. Our clients range from single person consultancies to billion dollar global enterprises.

fully committed to improving their business

Our Clients

Sandler clients share many attributes. They are fully committed to improving their business, have an un-swerving will to succeed, and are not afraid to adopt new techniques to accomplish their goals. Our clients span all industry sectors and we typically work with them for three to five years to help them achieve their long-term business and personal goals.

we understand every client's specific issues

How We Can Help

When they approach Sandler Training, they are often frustrated that business is not growing more quickly. We work closely with each client to understand their business and specific issues. We teach them sales and management skills and provide the on-going support and coaching to help them through their challenges. The large majority of our clients are enjoying sustained periods of profitable growth within a wider economy of decline.